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Cadillac Connected Services Keep You Informed On the Go

Technology floods our lives today and Cadillac seeks to keep you connected with your digital life while on the go in one of their luxury vehicles. When you’re shopping for your next vehicle, consider all of the different things Cadillac has to offer in its latest models.

In-Vehicle Apps

Although able to sync with your smartphone, Cadillac in-vehicle apps skip the phone to offer many entertainment choices straight from the dash touchscreen. Select from apps like Spotify, WSJ, iHeartRadio, or The Weather Channel. Also available is Navigation that can offer traffic updates, help find parking, and learn local fuel prices.


Text alerts can keep you up-to-date on vehicle maintenance. Vehicle Diagnostics monitors key operating systems and sends notifications of any attention required. On-Demand Diagnostics brings up an Advisor at just the push of a button. If there is an issue they can run real-time diagnostics to aid you.

Other Features

Cadillac can help with good driving habits with Cadillac Smart Driver. The myCadillac mobile app allows for remote start and unlocking, as well as Vehicle Locate so you always know where your Cadillac is. Every new Cadillac has an optional 4G LTE Wi-Fi connectivity feature.

With three plans, you can choose your level of connectivity. The Connected Access plan comes complimentary with every Cadillac, and the Remote Access and Unlimited Access plans expand your digital landscape with a paid monthly subscription.

To learn more about these advanced options you can add to your vehicle, talk to the team at Tom Kelley Cadillac.

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