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Holiday Road Trip Travel Tips for Your Family

The holidays are all about spending time with your family. That means, unless your family lives in the same town as you, the holiday season is also a time for road trips. So, if you’re braving the road this holiday season, make sure you remember these holiday road trip travel tips to help you arrive at your destination safely.

Think ahead.

Planning ahead before you start your drive is important. Make sure you know what your route will be in advance, and consider printing out paper copies of the directions if you’re heading somewhere new. Also, keep any roadside assistance contact information you need in an easy place to grab, and prepare yourself for holiday traffic.

Complete your routine maintenance.

You want to make sure your car will run smoothly while you’re driving a long distance. So if your car is due for a routine check-up, bring it in before you leave. That way, you know your car is running smoothly as you set off.

Stay safe.

You will be stopping a lot at rest stops and roadside restaurants along the way, so it’s important that you remain aware in a new place. Hide any valuables in your trunk or in a covered storage bin to reduce the likelihood of theft. You should also remind your children not to talk to strangers and go with them to and from the restroom.

We at Tom Kelley Cadillac wishes you and your family a safe holiday season. If your car needs maintenance before your winter travels, bring it to our service center.

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